Dear GetThru Clients,

We hope many of you are enjoying well-deserved breaks this summer. In between staying cool and avoiding bad air, the GetThru Team has been hard at work on a series of important updates and improvements, and we’re excited to share those with you.

New Admin Conversations Interface 
The last component of our ThruText User Interface overhaul is ready for action: a new Admin Conversations interface. Highlights include:  

  • A new Conversations Overview page with at-a-glance view of total contacts, initial messages left to send, and conversations needing a reply 
  • The bulk reassignment screen is now separated from individual sender reassignments  
  • Admins can search for a specific sender from the Conversations Overview page and the Conversations interaction 
  • Admins will now be able to search and sort an individual sender's conversations 
  • The User Interface (UI) for viewing a sender’s conversations now matches the messenger UI  

We’ll be rolling the new interface out in the coming weeks, so if you don’t see it right away, fear not – you will soon!

MMS Coming Soon 
The ability to send MMS (images and GIFs) is coming soon to ThruText! We are putting the finishing touches on our MMS functionality this month, and looking for clients who want to serve as beta testers starting in late July and early August. If you are interested in testing out our MMS functionality (which includes the ability to send up to 5,000 free MMS messages), please sign up here.

Annual GetThru Retreat - Adjusted Support Hours
Our Annual Company retreat is scheduled from August 7th to August 10th. During this period, we will continue to monitor all of our core systems for stability and performance. We will also be adjusting our support hours to allow our entire team to fully participate in the retreat. Here are our adjusted hours and response capacity. 

DatesHoursResponse Capacity
August 5 - 611am - 7am ETChat closed, high urgency ticket support only, ThruTalk pacing not monitored.
August 7-1011am - 7am ETChat closed, high urgency tickets addressed, low urgency tickets receive estimated follow-up time, ThruTalk pacing monitored periodically during support hours.
August 1111am - 7am ETOpen for all tickets and chats during adjusted hours
August 1211am - 7am ETReturn to regular support hours

Additionally, live training and strategy sessions will be unavailable from July 17th to July 31st and again from August 7th to August 11th. If you have any training needs during these periods, please contact us at, and we will provide you with alternative resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team to coordinate timelines. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


The GetThru Team