Hello GetThru,

We’re writing to let you know that soon ThruText will be moving to a new domain. After April 11, 2022 ThruText can be accessed at https://getthru.app. We’re making this change as part of our development toward incorporating ThruText and our redesigned NewTalk product into a single platform. 

What This Means For You

  • Don’t worry! Thrutext.io addresses will continue to forward to the new getthru.app domain for the foreseeable future.
  • If you have any bookmarks in your browser they will need to be updated to reflect the website’s new URL. Your account-specific URL will remain the same (XYZ.thrutext.io will now be XYZ.getthru.app).
  • Update any training materials for your volunteers and staff to reflect the new domain.
  • Ask your IT department to add getthru.app to any domain whitelists.
  • Update your email filters to include the new URL.

Planning for Success

We’ve heard from many of you recently that your texting efforts will begin to really gain steam over the next couple of months. With that in mind, now is a great time to think about how our Client Success team can help you prepare and scale. They offer a comprehensive array of live Onboarding, Best Practices & Strategy, and even 10DLC sessions you can book with them at your convenience from our Trainings page.

ThruText U - April Edition

Join us on Friday, April 15th for ThruText U, our monthly learning session, where we’ll discuss advanced topics in ThruText including 10DLC and incorporate plenty of time for lively Q&A. Secure your spot here!

NewTalk Alpha Testing

We’re excited to announce that our entirely redesigned ThruTalk platform will be ready to enter the Alpha testing phase in April. If you’re interested in incorporating calling with your texting program and getting an early adopter preview (and receiving all of your Alpha dials free in exchange for providing us your valuable feedback) you could be an Alpha tester!

Let us know you’re interested in Alpha testing by signing up here and we’ll be reaching out in the coming days with more details.


- The GetThru Team