We are sorry to announce that we are suspending our service in Australia, effective February 25, 2022. We have made this decision in response to recent regulatory changes that would require us to undergo significant software development for compliance. You can read more about those changes below.  Unfortunately, we cannot justify the expense of this development given the revenue we generate from Australian clients.

These regulatory changes would require us to collect proof of identity, address, and business identification information for all Australia clients and then assign the phone numbers we purchase from Twilio to each client ahead of time, after which the numbers would be reviewed by Twilio. To accomplish this change we would have to overhaul our use of Twilio’s API and how we provision phone numbers, which we do not have the capacity to do, especially as we head into an election year in the U.S.

Beginning February 25th all active and paused campaigns in your ThruText account will be archived, to prevent any further sending. You will still be able to access the data in your ThruText account after that date. We highly recommend exporting any data you may require from your ThruText account prior to March 31st, after which the account will be closed.


We deeply regret the need to discontinue our Australia service. Australian organizations have been some of our earliest and most consistent customers. We’re proud to have supported your work in political campaigns, union organizing, and more, and we are grateful for your business. If you have any questions, please contact success@getthru.io


Daniel Souweine

President + CEO 

Twilio Australia phone number announcement