Hello GetThru,

It is very important that all ThruText accounts planning to text US-based numbers complete 10DLC registration by the deadline or risk losing their ability to continue texting after February 14th. The content of that communication, including recommended next steps, is included below.

Since 10DLC was announced nearly a year ago the GetThru team has been hard at work to make sure that all our clients’ messaging is compliant with the new regulatory landscape and to maintain ThruText’s exemplary record of deliverability among P2P texting platforms. In that time, we’ve released a number of new features designed to make brand and use case registration as seamless as possible for our clients, culminating in over 800 successful brand registrations to date. You can read more in our recent blog post.

Carriers have announced that as of March 1, 2022 any traffic not registered via the 10DLC system will incur increased surcharges and be delivered more slowly. 

Because of this, GetThru will require all traffic to be fully 10DLC registered as of February 14, 2022.

To send messages via ThruText after Feb. 14, clients must: 

  1. Register their brand with The Campaign Registry,
  2. Register use cases with The Campaign Registry, and then
  3. Apply one of their registered use cases to any future ThruText campaigns.

We’re making this decision for two reasons. Getting your messages to their intended recipients is our number one concern, and registered traffic will get delivered faster and more reliably. In addition, GetThru currently incurs the 10DLC carrier fees on behalf of our clients. Those fees are substantial as is, and we cannot afford to pay increased fees for unregistered traffic.

What does this mean for you?

If your brand and use case registration is already completed and verified, all you need to do is begin selecting a use case for each ThruText campaign you create after February 14th. You can start today! Additionally, any active campaigns without a use case assignment will be paused on February 14th. You can un-pause those to continue sending and receiving messages by editing them and assigning a use case so that all your messaging is in compliance.

If you’ve not yet completed brand and use case registration the Account Owner on your account must complete these steps prior to February 14th in order to continue texting from your ThruText account.

If your organization is a political campaign, party, or PAC you will need to complete the additional step of acquiring a token from Campaign Verify. Details of that process can be found here. The turnaround time for these can vary and we recommend proceeding immediately to avoid delays due to a spike in requests leading up to the enforcement deadline.

If your anticipated texting volume exceeds 250k messages in any single day you may need to apply for a Special Business Review. Please contact our Success Team to discuss your needs and the details of that process.

If you’re outside the US and do not plan to text US-based numbers, you are not required to complete brand and use case registration.

Year-end Campaign Archiving

ThruText is planning a round of database housekeeping to release valuable phone numbers held in unused campaigns that could be used by future campaigns. 

On Friday, February 18th we will begin archiving all active or paused campaigns with an End Date older than 11/5/2021.

No messaging, survey, or opt-out data will be lost when a campaign is archived. You will still be able to clone or export from your archived campaigns. You simply won’t be able to exchange messages through those campaigns after the deadline.

If you require one or more campaigns remain active, simply log into your account before the deadline and edit any campaign with an End Date older than 11/5/2021 by moving that end date into the future. This will prevent that campaign from being archived.

While carriers require 10DLC compliance from every text messaging provider, not all compliance assistance and client service are created equal. We have worked hard to ensure our team and our tools are bearing the brunt of this critical compliance work so that our clients need only focus on the success of their organization’s efforts. If you have any questions our Support Team is standing by and happy to help.

- The GetThru Team