Greetings ThruTalk and ThruText Admins,

As we prepare for the final weeks of the 2021 election cycle we’re writing to let you know about upcoming changes to the ThruTalk caller login experience as well as expanded calling and support hours during GOTV. Details below.

A Small Change to the ThruTalk Caller Log In Experience

Next week we’ll adjust our login process to open the LiveVox login content in a new browser tab. This adds one small step for your callers logging in of copying and pasting login credentials from one tab to the next, rather than on the same page. You can provide your callers with detailed login instructions, updated on the day of the rollout, from our Help Center.

All other aspects of the ThruTalk experience will remain the same - with an expected return to normal functionality for your service dashboards as the reward. 

We plan to roll out this change prior to calling hours on the morning of Tuesday, October 19th - after we have confirmed that the upgrade process was completed.

As we continue to face external challenges with LiveVox, we remain confident that our decision to build a new ThruTalk from the ground up is the right one. Over the last two months, many clients have noticed issues affecting ThruTalk dashboard numbers that display how many calls you have available in real-time. The issue is related to the version of LiveVox we currently rely on being discontinued 11/30/2021, meaning they’ve begun minimizing the resources supporting that version.

To ensure that we are prepared for this year's coming GOTV season, we have elected to move forward with upgrading to a newer version of LiveVox. By making this change now, we can provide full stability and functionality on the level our clients need when these calls matter most.

ThruText and 10DLC

Reminder: If you’ve not yet completed your 10DLC Brand Registration we highly encourage you to do so as soon as possible in order to be compliant with these new carrier regulations. You can find detailed instructions for completing your registration, claiming your use cases, and entering your Campaign Verify token (if necessary) here.

Expanded GOTV Calling and Support Hours

We will be opening ThruTalk and our support channels early on the days leading up to the election this year to facilitate your calling and texting needs. Expanded hours and days are detailed below:


  • Monday, November 1st: 9am to 11:30pm ET
  • Tuesday, November 2nd: 8am to 11:30pm ET

New Account Sign-up Cutoff Dates

To provide ample time for account setups and compliance needs we will be instituting the following deadlines for submitting new ThruTalk and ThruText account requests in time for texting and calling this cycle.


  • For ThruTalk, the last day to request an account in order to call prior to or on Election Day 2021 will be Thursday, October 28.
  • For ThruText, if you already have a Campaign Verify token, the last day to request an account to text prior to or on Election Day 2021 will be Thursday, October 28.
  • For ThruText, if you do not already have a Campaign Verify token, the last day to request an account to text prior to or on Election Day 2021 will be Tuesday, October 26.

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GetThru U

We’re excited to announce upcoming sessions of ThruTalk and ThruText U on the 15th of October, just in time to level up your understanding of our tools for GOTV. We’ll be covering topics like 10DLC and building lists and scripts for election day calling as well as incorporating plenty of time for Q&A, so please join us!

Participate in GetThru User Research!

Our UX team is always looking for feedback from our users as we brainstorm new features and test designs. Fill out this quick form and we’ll reach out when we have testing opportunities that are a match. Added bonus - we’ll send you a gift card to thank you for your time ;) 


The GetThru Team