ICYMI - Campaign Archiving August 20th

ThruText is planning a round of database housekeeping to release valuable phone numbers held in unused campaigns that could be used by future campaigns. 

On Friday, August 20th we will begin archiving all active or paused campaigns with an End Date older than 120 days. If you’ve already adjusted your campaigns you may disregard this message.

No messaging, survey, or opt-out data will be lost when a campaign is archived. You will still be able to clone or export from your archived campaigns. You simply won’t be able to exchange messages through those campaigns after the deadline.

If you require one or more campaigns to remain active, simply log into your account before the deadline and edit any campaign with an End Date older than 4/8/2021 by moving that end date into the future. This will prevent that campaign from being archived. 

Please reach out to our support team at support@getthru.io if you have any questions.

— The GetThru Team