Self Assignment - Enabling this option will allow message senders that have already been added to a campaign to add additional batches of conversations themselves after they've completed an assignment. Batches are set at 100 contacts.

Campaign Sender Invite Link - Enabling this option will allow message senders to add themselves to your campaign. The message senders must accept their invitation first. This can only be enabled if "Self Assignment" is enabled.

Assign Senders

  • Choose Manually - You can only add senders who have a ThruText account and have accepted the invitation to your organization. If a sender does not appear on this list, you can check their invitation status. To add texters within a campaign, you can search for senders by first or last name and then click on the "+" to select and add them. ThruText will apportion out the contacts in the campaign to each sender equally. So if you have 5,000 contacts in the campaign and 10 senders, each sender will receive 500 contacts. 

  • Add Via Email - You can choose to paste a comma-separated list of sender email addresses. Only emails that are attached to active senders on your account will be added.

One important note on adding senders: it is possible to create a campaign without any initial senders and then add the senders later. For more on this approach, go to our article on Campaign Creation - Pre-Loading.

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