Create Your Campaign

When creating a campaign, you'll start by specifying the following parameters:

  • Name - Make sure to use consistent naming conventions.
  • Description - The description is visible to senders, so you can use it to give them brief instructions to guide their texting. This is also a great place to let your senders know who to contact if they have questions about their assignments.
  • Country - This will dictate what Groups will be shown at targeting. 
  • Time zone - The time zone where your campaign targets are located, which is used to determine when the campaign is open for messaging. The open and close times are calculated using the time zone selected here, not the sender’s time zone. For example, if you select 09:00-21:00 (9 AM-9 PM) and set the campaign to Eastern Time, a sender on the West coast will be able to text from 6 AM-6 PM Pacific Time, which is 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time.
  • Use Case - This is the use case selected for the particular campaign. Click here for more information regarding use cases.
  • Initial Message Sending Window 
    • Start Date and Time - Controls when initial messages can begin being sent. This will default to the current time, so unless you would like to set this for a time in the future you do not need to edit this box.
    • End Date and Time - Controls when initial messages can no longer be sent.
  • Daily Open Hours - Standard is 9 am to 9 pm local time.
    • Daily Open Time - Controls what time your texters can start sending outgoing messages.
    • Daily Close Time - Controls what time you would not like your texters to send outgoing messages.

      Senders see this screen if they have accessed their assignment outside of the Daily Open Hours:
  • Region Area Codes - Selects the local area codes for the numbers from which messages will be sent. The regions work in priority order, so you will want to choose your first and second priority area codes for Region 1 and Region 2. We recommend using a broader selection for Region 3, like State (All) or US (All).

Target Your Campaign 

Campaigns can be targeted at groups or at recipients of previous campaigns. You'll begin your targeting with a "base segment," and then you can add and subtract from there. Make sure to "set" your base segment to move on to the next steps. For more on targeting, go here. The maximum size of a campaign is 100k. Be careful not to add or remove the same segment more than once.

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