Account Status Confirmation: ThruTalk will be consolidating servers post 11/3/2020 in order to better manage and serve continuing clients. Let us know your plans below so we can move you to the continuing servers or close down your account. 

Note: ThruTalk will be moving accounts that plan to continue calling into our newest portal. Download all past caller details before submitting to continue calling as past caller details from previous portals will not be available. 

Pick the option based on your calling plans going forward under this account. 

Closing the account will request confirmation that all results have been downloaded. 

If keeping open and active will be asked questions if this account has more than 3 services. We will only be able to move 3 services over initially. We will move the service this request was submitted under. Please indicate the 2 additional service names. 

We ask a few quick questions to help us learn more about your experience and make changes going forward. Thank you for calling with ThruTalk.