You should request immediate or additional requeues for your lists directly through the live chat ThruTalk Support Helper to ensure your request gets to the correct dialer manager as fast as possible.

Important Note: Always reload your ThruTalk Admin page at least once a day to ensure you are getting the most updated version of ThruTalk Support Helper.

Steps to Request a Requeue via ThruTalk Support Helper

  1. Open chat and give your name and email (if it's your first chat interaction).
  2. Give ThruTalk Support Helper your account and service name (including "service" at the end).
  3. Click on "Requeues" in the first topic prompt.
  4. Select "URGENT Immediate Requeue" in the request type prompt.
  5. Select your list option in the list prompt.

6. Cut and paste your exact service namefrom your service admin page into the chat when prompted.

See more details on where to find your service name here.

7. Submit details about the specific lists you want to requeue or any other information that is useful for our dialer managers to know.

8.You will see a final confirmation message after you submit your notes. The request will now be sent directly to the dialer manager for your service. 

You will also get an automated ticket created to log your request. An automated error message will be added to the ticket if your request does not process due to a service name mismatch.