You should request throttle changes for your service directly through the live chat ThruTalk Support Helper to ensure your request gets to the correct dialer manager in a timely manner.

Steps to Request a Throttle Change

  1. Open chat and give your name and email (if it's your first chat interaction).
  2. Give ThruTalk Support Helper your account and service name (including "service" at the end).
  3. Click on "Throttles" in the first topic prompt.
  4. Choose your direction (increase or decrease) and list (such as "both lands and cells").
  5. Confirm your service by copying your service name from your service admin page:

 and pasting it into the chat window when prompted.

6. A ticket will be created and closed to log your request, and if your service name matched, your request will be sent directly to the dialer manager in your section of ThruTalk.