Starting 9/30: Changes to list loading process

In order to limit the number of concurrent records in ThruTalk, we will be shifting more lists to “on-demand” loading. 

Two new options -- I am calling today, or I am calling tomorrow. 

NOTE: This will only affect irregular calling services, i.e., services that do not call every day. 

There will be 3 scenarios for list loading:

  • You had active calls today > Your list is automatically playing tomorrow with no further action needed on your part.

  • You did not call today but want to call tomorrow > Submit the “Call Tomorrow” request. Your list will be playing automatically tomorrow.

  • You did not call yesterday but want to call today > Submit the “Call Today” request. Your list will be playing within 2 hours of submission or 2 hours after open for lists submitted overnight.

    • Requests made after 9pm in a timezone count as “Today” requests and are subject to these time limits.

    • Check your calling list dashboard within your upload timeframe for list availability. 

These forms are not needed if you are calling today and you plan to send a new list.