NOTE:  If you do not currently have access to this feature and wish to use Transfers, or if you have questions about access, email If the admin console service page currently does not include a transfer button it means access needs to be requested.

When Transfers are turned on for a service, a transfer report is sent nightly. It will be sent in its own report via email separately from the nightly report.

  • The transfer report will deliver regardless of if calls are made or not. 
  • The transfer report will deliver with the subject line "Transfer Results for Date". 

Report Contents:

The CSV included will include any transfer calls made and further details. 

Example Transfer Report:

Columns Included:

  • A: Service - Service name where calls were made
  • B: Voter Name - Name of contact
  • C: Voter ID - Unique ID
  • D: Voter Phone - Phone of contact
  • E: Date - Date of the call
  • F: Caller Username - Login ID associated with the call transfer
  • G: Transfer Start Time - Time at which the call was initially transferred in Hours: Minutes: Seconds
  • H: Transfer End Time - Time at which the call transfer was terminated in Hours: Minutes: Seconds
  • I: Transfer Duration - Total time of the call transfer duration in seconds (Transfer End Time minus Transfer Start Time)
  • J: Time in Queue - Total time the call remained in the queue to be transferred in seconds
  • K: Transfer Status- Outcome of the transfer
    • Stayed Entire Call - The caller stayed on the call with the contact and the transfer target until the call completed. 
    • Transfer Complete - The caller successfully transfer the contact to the transfer target and exited the call, leaving the contact and transfer target to finish the call.
    • Failure - The call could not be transferred; this can happen when the line is busy. 
  • L: Transfer Target - Transfer Target Name