Dear ThruText Clients,

We hope this email finds you as well as can be during these difficult times. We’re writing to give you a heads up on some exciting updates to our user interface that we will be rolling out in the coming week:

The Admin Dashboard

  • Side Navigation: The new navigation allows you to easily move between campaigns, groups, users, and account tools no matter where you are in your ThruText workflow.
  • Launch Points: Get to your most-used features quickly from the dashboard (groups, campaigns & users).
  • Analytics: Review your account usage over time on the dashboard.

More New Admin Features

  • Create Voicemail Greeting: Gone are the days of submitting a support ticket to set your custom voicemail greeting. Admins can now create, edit, and reset the text of the robo voicemail greeting for your account.
  • Self-Serve Permanent Link Set-up: Like with your voicemail greeting, an admin on an account can now enable/disable the permanent invitation link of their account without needing to put a request in to support.

The Messenger

  • Button styling and accessibility: We’ve updated the styling for the call, archive and opt out buttons, and added icons to help those buttons function better on mobile. We’ve also optimized the location of the add replies button by moving it to the left the reply title.
  • Info tab update: The info tab now includes a permanent link to the message sender training video to help you onboard your new message senders quickly. 
  • Mobile experience:  Within a conversation, you’ll find everything you need in one navigation bar and will be able to more easily switch between your tools for responding/collecting survey data, and returning to the rest of your conversations.

The Admin Dashboard was originally deployed in February but was rolled back after we discovered an issue where a small number of incoming messages were being dropped. We’ve waited until now to redeploy to make sure that we fully understood and corrected the issue, which we have now done. 

We hope you enjoy the new updates and designs and please let us know if you see anything that needs additional attention.