VAN Phone ID Custom Field:  A VAN update for the canvass response API  allows for syncing phone number IDs along with your canvasses. Since the start of the year, we've been sending phone IDs on all VAN-integrated accounts for "wrong number" canvass result codes, you can now send them on all requests by mapping a new custom field, van_phone_id. 

If you already have a VAN integration set up with your ThruText account, we've added this custom field to your account for immediate use. Going forward, when you pull in a list from your External Contact Lists, you will need to map the Phone Number ID which corresponds to the phone type as well as your VAN IDs to ensure a successful sync. If you have a list that you synced OVER 1 month ago, you may need to "re-sync" it to have phone number ID available.

You will want to be sure to map the PhoneID field that matched the type of phone number you are using. For example, if you are using CellPhone then you will want to map the VAN Phone Number ID to CellPhoneId. This would apply to HomePhone (map to HomePhoneID), Phone (map to PhoneID), etc.

Click here for more on mapping and creating a group from your VAN imported lists.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts Added: We've added two new additional keyboard shortcuts to our messenger UI. 

  • Pressing 'v' then 's' will open the support dropdown menu. 
  • Pressing 'v' then 'u' will open the user dropdown menu.

Press 'shift' + '?' (shift plus question mark) to see a full listing of all available keyboard shortcuts, or read more here.