Email Notification Update: The next time you receive an email notification from ThruText you will notice they look a bit different. That's because we've been hard at work restyling them so that there more visually appealing and clearer to read, with links to our newly branded social media pages — so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

New Unsubscribe Feature: You will also notice that we've added the ability for your users to unsubscribe from certain email notifications

Users will be now be able to unsubscribe from the following 4 types of emails:

  1. Organization Invitations
  2. New Assignments/Followups
  3. Reply Reminders
  4. Thank you and Reminders

If a user chooses to unsubscribe from a particular type of email, they will be unsubscribed from that type of email across the entire ThruText platform on all of the organizations that they may text for.

If a user unsubscribes by mistake, they can send in a ticket to with their name and email address and our support team can re-subscribe them.

Self-Assign Conversation List Bug Fix: We've fixed a bug where extra spaces would appear in your Conversation list in the messenger after a user clicked the "Request More Conversations" button in campaigns with the self-assign feature turned on. 

Self-Assign Replies Bug Fix: We fixed another bug that would show the conversations threads of replied messages even after self-assigning new initial messages. Now, when your texters use the self-assign button, their lists will hide their replies until all the new initial messages have been sent.

Base Segmenting Bug Fix: We fixed a bug where if you edited, deleted, or rearranged your add/remove segments in your targeting, it would get stuck at 0 contacts and not let you launch. Now, you can edit and remove segements while maintaining the proper contact counts.