Greetings from GetThru!

We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency here at ThruText — between the availability of the SMS button in your VAN committee and messenger keyboard shortcuts you can now start real conversations faster than ever!


Our VAN integration just got even better with two new features. 

  • Two API Keys — ThruText accounts can now have two different API keys attached to them for the Voter-side and Campaign-side of your VAN committee! This means that if your organization uses MyVoter for voter file data and EveryAction for your volunteer and event recruitment, you can now add both keys to your single ThruText account rather than having to have a texting account for each one!Click here for more information on how to get a VAN API key for your account.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts — We’ve released a series of new keyboard shortcut features in the message sender console improving navigation for keyboard-only and power-users of ThruText. Rather than requiring your mouse to navigate the screen, folks sending texts through the messenger can now utilize a series of keyboard shortcuts to jump between tabs and the message composition box.


  • VAN Bug Fix — We fixed a bug where the "texted" status was failing to sync back to your VAN committee. When this setting is turned on in your ThruText account, all initial messages sent to contacts with valid VAN IDs in that campaign will show "Texted" in the Contact History of your VAN committee. 
  • Bug Fix / Update — The message composer was not being 'focused' when navigating to a new conversation. We have modified this behavior to allow for immediate editing / sending of a scripted message when switching between conversations.

As always, please send any questions or comments, preferences or props to

— The GetThru Team

PS —  It’s an exciting time for women in sports! You probably saw that the US Women’s Soccer Team took home the big trophy this summer. But did you also know that the Memphis Grizzlies hired Niele Ivey to their coaching staff last week? This makes the former Notre Dame associate head coach the 9th woman to take on a coaching role in the NBA. It’s no secret that when you add women to the mix by promoting them to leadership roles and electing them to office, equitable decisions and pay equality will follow.