Greetings ThruTexters,

In case you missed our previous emails, Facebook posts, and tweets, one final reminder: Relay the company is now GetThru, our P2P texting software is ThruText, and our phone calling tool is ThruTalk. We promise that’s the last you’ll hear from us about name changes for a long time!

Now on to the good stuff. With 2019 nearly halfway gone, it seems every day brings someone new throwing their hat into the ring to run for office. Whether it be for president of the country or president of the local school board, all campaigns have one thing in common: The need for good data!

That’s why our team has been working hard to make sure you can get the data you need easily, quickly, and reliably in preparation for the year ahead.


We have released the final part in a series of updates we made to drive consistency and usability in your exports. Here are all the new things you’ll find in exports across the ThruText application:

  • New Campaign Account-Level Export — With our new Campaign Export, you can now export an overview of your campaigns across your account. By selecting "Campaigns" in the export type drop-down, you will be able to see campaign details including start/end dates, campaign tags, conversation counts, outgoing message counts, and more! All campaigns with a "start date" within the date range designated will be included in the report.
  • New Conversation Campaign-Level Export — The new Conversations Export will give you all the details of your conversations from within your individual campaigns. By selecting "Conversations" in the export type drop-down, you will be able to see data on conversation contacts and assignees, outgoing messages, incoming correspondence, and more.
  • Custom Fields for Export — We’ve added the ability for each account to select up to 3 custom fields as unique identifiers that will be included in your exports. These fields will be included on your Message, Survey, Conversation, and Opt Out export files.
  • New Consistent Export Formats — We have updated the format of all our export types to make them consistent across the platform. In addition, the header rows of all export files will now include any unique identifying custom fields that you have selected on your account. You can read more about the export types in our new user guide.
  • Exports Page View — We've updated the Exports Page so you can now choose a time within your export date range. Timestamps are also now denoted to show you your local time zone. (Note: While selections are made in your local time zone, timestamps within the CSV file itself remain in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)).


A reminder that we have nightly S3 exports available for any interested organization. This feature is highly recommended if your organization is pulling data into your CRM on a consistent basis. Click here to read more on how to get started.


We’ve also sponsored an open source project to help our ThruText community use basic group, campaign, and export functionality through our API with their ThruText service. Our team does not provide support for the project, but anyone is welcome to use and improve it.

If you wish to use or contribute to the project, please visit  


  • We fixed a bug where the header row labels for conversation_id and conversation_phone were reversed in the S3 nightly export message files. They now align properly with their respective data.
  • We resolved an issue where we were unable to purchase Australian phone numbers while our phone carriers were in the process of updating our information to comply with updated regulations.
  • We fixed a bug where role/status edits were not saving in your Campaign event surveys. Shout out to Jake with Sylvester Turner for Mayor for helping bring the issue to our attention.
  • We fixed a bug where the opt out message was not populating when texters clicked the ‘Opt Out’ button in the message sender console unless they had loaded the replies tab first. Thanks to Spencer at ACLU for pinging us on this issue.
  • We fixed a bug where tags were not able to be removed from campaigns. Admins could add tags but were unable to remove them. Thank you to Chris at Real Justice for bringing this to our attention.


Just a friendly reminder that the pricing changes we announced at the beginning of the year will be taking effect for your April bill, which will be sent out soon. You can read more about the new pricing structure in our 2019 pricing guide. Feel free to send any specific billing or invoice questions to

And as always, please send any questions or comments, preferences or props to

— The GetThru Team

PS — How ’bout them Portland Trail Blazers, eh? Despite being a small-market team they have persevered with the same core group, bouncing back after last year’s first round shutout to the Pelicans. Go Rip City!  Flip that around and you’ve got the top ranked, defending champion Washington Capitals tossed in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Womp womp. Just goes to show you — past performance is no predictor of future results — in both sports or politics!