The Patch-Through Feature

Our "Patch-Through" feature allows your calling program to connect your targets outwards to other entities such as their local representative's office. To do so, we must create a phonebook of options for your callers to transfer your targets.

Learn more about the "Patch-Through" process by visiting our information for administrators here, or viewing the training video for callers here.

Use the "Patch-Through" button in the "Service Settings" section of your admin console to access the "Update Patch-Through Settings" page where you can provide us with the key information for building the phonebook for transferring calls.

NOTE:  If you do not currently have access to this feature and wish to use Patch-Through, or if you have questions about access, email If the admin console service page currently does not include a transfer button it means access needs to be requested.

The Patch-Through button on the service page:

PatchThru button

The Update Patch-Through (Transfer) Settings page:

Update patch-through settings page


Indicate whether we are replacing all existing options with a new phonebook, adding to current options, or removing from the current options.

Provide the following for each number to be added to your phonebook:

  1. Name - A name to reference the number to be called; this will be the selection visible to the calling agents. The name can only include alphanumeric characters. Example: Representative Pelosi.
  2. Number - The number to be dialed; the number to which we will connect the person we called in order to complete the Patch-Through. 10 digits, no spaces.