Dear Relayers,

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves. This week, Relay the company will be reborn as GetThru. Our P2P texting software will be known as ThruText. And our phone calling tool will be called ThruTalk.  

Rest assured: This change will have no impact on your use of the software! 

While our name is changing, our tools are not. Your logins, settings, and data will remain exactly the same. When you go to your current Relay URLs, you’ll be redirected to a ThruText/ThruTalk URL, which we encourage you to bookmark. 

For those interested in why we’re making this change, feel free to read on.  

Last year, a company named Relay Networks, which provides customer service software for large businesses, contacted us after someone interested in Relay texting reached out to them by mistake. Relay Networks expressed concern that our use of the name Relay would create confusion in the marketplace, reducing the value of their brand. We made extensive efforts to negotiate with Relay Networks, but they were firm in their position, and we ultimately decided that discretion was the better part of valor. 

But while we may not have chosen this path, we’ve come to view the challenge as an opportunity to better articulate what we do. We think GetThru speaks more directly to the core value proposition of our software, which helps our clients connect with their intended audiences by facilitating real human-to-human conversations on their cell phones. If “Relay" references the how of our software — messages being relayed from an organization, through its staff or volunteers, to the ultimate recipients — "GetThru" suggests the what, which is more central to our mission, and yours. 

In addition, our company has evolved since we launched our P2P texting platform more than two years ago. Most notably, we added a phone calling tool last year for large scale 1-to-1 calling to cell phones and landlines. Our new name makes it clearer that we are a company that operates multiple products. And while we have no immediate plans for more products, our new name structure is more conducive to adding additional tools if we decide to. 

The only other name change I have been a part of is when I went from Dan to Daniel during my freshman year of college. I don’t remember why I made that decision, but I do know it took some getting used to for my high school friends. And I imagine this name change will take some getting used to as well. So we won’t be offended if you slip up and refer to us as Relay. And if you were lucky enough to nab a Relay t-shirt, we hope you will still wear it with pride. But whatever you call us, please know that we remain firmly committed to providing top-of-the-line software and super responsive support for all of your texting and calling needs!