Use the Contact Widget to collect phone and email information in the script and automatically send a customized email or text message to the target.

Find the Contact Widget under Templates. Click to add it to the bottom of your script or drag it to the correct spot. 

Important Note: In order to be classified as a contact widget in our system it must be named "contact_email Name" or "contact_text Name" to send the email or text. 

This article will cover the following:

  1. Why use the contact widget
  2. Things to remember
  3. Setting up outbound messages

Why use the contact widget

While any text question can collect contact info and send messages, the Contact Widget Template has a few features associated with it that the regular text questions do not, including:

  • validation of phone and email
  • a button that appears for callers to continue in the script after recording the information
  • built-in visible if logic for faster setup. The VisibleIfs are set up in the following path:



Things to Remember

  • Outbound email messages will only send if both email content and sender are filled. 
  • Any script variables can be used in your outbound messages. Make sure to watch for possible length when using variables in text messages as there is a built in 160 character limit. 
  • If you want to use the Contact Widget twice, change the question names to start with “contact_email” or “contact_text” respectively (ex: “contact_email_polling” or “contact_text_2”). Starting the question name with contact_email or contact_text will activate the Contact Widget features. See "Understanding question names" for more details on question names. 
  • To continue with questions after the Contact Widget if it appears before the end of your script you will want to continue after a "no" for the original question or if the caller inputs a phone number or email address. You will most likely want to set up the VisibleIf for the following question with the following:
    • {can_contact} = "No" or {contact_email} notempty or {contact_text} notempty


Setting up outbound messages

Use the "Text Message Content" field on the "contact_text" question to fill in your outbound text message content.

Use the "Email Message Content" field on the "contact_email" questions to fill in your outbound email content. When using the "contact_email" question, be sure to add an appropriate address for the "Email Sender" field on the "contact_email" question.

A common mistake is to place the outbound message content in these same fields on the initial question that asks about sending an email or text. This content should be attached to the "contact_text" and "contact_email" questions instead, as described above.

Callers will not be able to see the content and do not receive notifications when messages are successfully sent.

Messages will get sent within a couple minutes of script submission.

Text message: