There are two places data is collected during a call:

Script Results: 

  • The individual answers to all your script questions including the detailed canvass result about why you did not speak to the caller (not home, wrong number, and so on...).
  • Recorded by going through the script live on a call
  • Each answer is recorded and synced if syncing is set up
  • Editable in the Script Manager

Starting Question:

Example Questions:

Call Results:

  • The outcome of the entire call selected only at the end of a call in the left-hand agent sidebar.
  • A caller can't go to the next call without submitting a call result.
  • Clicking and saving any call result will end the audio connection of a call.
  • Call Results set which calls should be reloaded for the next day per your list strategy. More info about list strategies here: Single Attempt vs Multiple Attempt.


Call results are: