It is important to preview your script before making calls. 

  • Tip: Confirm the script you want to preview is marked "Active".

There three types of script previews: 

  1. Admin script preview (instant)
  2. Script preview for callers (5m update)
  3. Test script logic preview

Admin script preview (instant)

Use the Admin Script Preview button to see how the script will look to callers with example voter data for the variables. Right click on the Admin Script Preview and open in a new tab to use to check your script as you build your script in the script manager. Clicking save in the script editor will update the admin preview instantly. Just need to refresh the script preview tab. 

Admin Script preview:

  • Requires an a talk admin login to access
  • Updates instantly when you click save in the script manager
  • Contact widget is not live


Script preview for callers (5m update)

Use the Script Preview for Callers button to display the a preview of the live script how it will appear to callers.

Caller Script preview:

  • Is the live script for callers in the dialer
  • Open and shareable. Can access without logging into the dialer
  • Updates within 5 minutes of saving inside the script manager
  • Contact widget is not live

Test script logic preview

You can preview the logic of the script (without the same display) from inside the script manager. Though it doesn’t look exactly as it will to callers, using the testing panel is a quick way to demo your script, particularly useful when testing VisibleIf connections and use of variables.

To access the Script logic preview:

  1. Click "Edit" on the script to get to the script manager 
  2. Click “Test Script Logic”

 This will bring you to a preview of your script where you can click to see how your script works.