The question name is not displayed to callers as part of the script but is very important for your script and results.

Name is used:

  • As column headers in nightly reporting CSVs for script results.
  • To set up your question branching logic (the VisibleIf property)
  • To show the question answers as text variables (learn more about how to do this in Question Text).

Don't forget to set your questions names when you create a new question. Changing questions names later in the script process will require you to update any question logic references or script variables where you used the previous question name.

Do not duplicate question names. If you do, the answers saved to the last version of the question will overwrite the first. Moreover, it will break the question branching logic and script variables. 

Do not use characters in your question names. Underscores, dashes and spaces are allowed. Periods will cause issues with reporting.

If you want to re-use one of the pre-made templates, you must change the question names and update the VisibleIf’s and any text answer variables to correlate with your new names. See Using the Contact Widget for instructions on re-using that widget.

Error Example

In this example, the candidate support template was duplicated and we saw the duplicates names under the visibleif settings for a question.