Change Reporting Type is for switching your call reporting type to a different kind (csv or VAN Sync). 

On your admin panel under Reporting, find the option for Past Call Results.

Each night results are sent to the campaign. See more details here: Reporting Options: Sync vs CSV.


1. Select your updated type of reporting:

  • VAN Full Data Sync is where we upload all your results to your database through the backend of your software each night for votebuilder, america votes, and targetsmart. For VAN Sync Options you will need to send a request to VAN for an API Key if we do not already have yours on file. For VAN sync you will also select the database type matching the list you uploaded:
    • MyVoters
    • MyCampaign
    • MyMembers
  • Basic CSV Lists is the most simple reporting strategy where we send you CSVs each night with results, and you send over new lists on demand when you want them run.
  • Other is for letting us know if you have another type of system so we can look into whether sync is an option.

2. Add any Additional Comments or Instructions.

3. If VAN Sync is chosen, there is info on how to request an VAN API Key and the spot to send it to us. You will need to type it twice to confirm. Or if we already have an API Key and you are switching between MyVoters or MyCampaign, pick "Keep current API Key".

3. Click on "Update" to send the request to the ThruTalk Support Team. Once your request is completed you will receive an email confirmation.

NOTE: If you requested VAN Sync, once your API key is set up, you will need to set up answer mapping in your script directly. It's fast and easy to do (Step by Step Guide here).