The Load a Strike List is a single day list of numbers that will not be called even if they are on your loaded lists. 

Common uses for strike lists:

  1. During GOTV to remove lists of recent voters that are received mid day
  2. To remove people who were contacted another way (i.e. big door knock or social media push)
  3. To fix an error in a loaded list without stopping calls (i.e. strike the wrong numbers instead of pulling and loading an entire new list)

On your admin panel under Lists, find the option for Load a Strike List.


Strike List Upload

  1. Confirm your list is formatted correctly
    • Required formatting for the list:
      • One single column of full 10 digit phone numbers only - No additional columns
      • No header
      • Only numbers - no spaces or symbols
      • File is a .csv (a real comma separated file, not a renamed file of another type)
  2. Upload your strike list
  3. Add Strike List
    • You will receive an email to confirm the request has been received and again when it has been completed. Strike list requests are completed within 10 minutes of upload during calling hours.

Important Notes:

  • Strike lists should be sent including only numbers you do not want to be called on any of your calling services. Strike lists apply to all services you operate across your whole account, and therefore remove a number from being callable across any of your active lists for the day the strike is requested.
  • Strike List is loaded for the same day only. Strike lists expire at midnight. If you need to remove numbers from calling lists for an extended period of time, you should strike today and then upload a new calling list with those folks removed after calling is over for tomorrow.
  • Be careful! Strike lists CANNOT be removed quickly once added. If you have loaded a strike list in error, contact support ASAP to see if there is a possible solution but the numbers might be struck until the strike list expires at midnight.