The Load a Call List button is for loading a new or additional call list to this service. 

On your admin panel under Lists, find the option for Load a Call List.


  1. Select a Play Order
  2. Select a Reload Strategy
  3. Indicted Update to Caller ID
  4. Timezone of List
  5. Upload your list
  6. Map your data columns
  7. Click "Upload"
  8. List processing steps

See here for more best practices for list loading.

Select a Play Order

REPLACE the current list - replace all current lists. 

  • All numbers are loaded and every other list is deactivated
  • If calls have been made and there is an overlap of people on the lists, those people will get loaded new and called again

RUN AFTER the current list - this list will only begin to play after the current list has been completed. Please note that with this method, the current list will automatically be updated to single attempt play strategy if it was not already.  Setting the current list to single attempt allows you to finish it and move on to the new list without having to speak to every phone number before moving on.

See this guide for more details on List Strategy Options and Play Order.

Select a Reload Strategy

Single Attempt - Only unattempted calls are reloaded at the start of calling hours. Once a number is called, no matter the result of the call, it will be removed from the list until you load it again. Generally recommended for: 

  • your first pass through a list to help clean out bad numbers and find out what your actual total number of phone numbers will be going forward
  • campaigns with tight budgets so you can control exactly how many calls you will make per pass
  • large universes

Multiple Attempt - Only uncontacted calls are reloaded at the start of calling hours. Numbers will only be removed when a successful conversation (i.e. script result and "Talked to correct person" call result) is recorded with the target, no matter the result of that conversation. Generally recommended for: 

  • during GOTV when you do want to contact everyone on the list and don't mind multiple attempts calls to get someone on the line since they are known supporters. 
  • small universes where your volunteer capacity is going to be able a majority or plurality of your list each day and you don't have more numbers to load.

Multi Pass

  1. Confirm understanding that callers have a high burden of responsibility for selecting the correct call result. Read more about Single Attempt vs Multiple Attempt here.
  2. Option for if the list is completed before calling time ends, should the list reload calls the same day or wait until the next day.
  3. If picking same day, Required option for choosing the maximum number of passes same day of uncontacted numbers on this list if it finishes before calling time ends. Read more about number of attempts to make here.

One Day ONLY - List will only be loaded for one day only. No calls are loaded the next day regardless of how many calls you made. Generally recommended for:

  • single one-off phone banks that are not ongoing
  • lists that will be refreshed and reloaded daily
  • generic services that are used across different campaigns on different days

  1. Calls will be loaded for one day only. Pick the day to call the list.
  2.  Option for choosing the maximum number of passes same day of uncontacted numbers on this list if it finishes before calling time ends.

Update Caller ID

  1. Update the Phone Number. This will take effect on the list upload.
  2. Update the Caller ID Name
  3. Confirm you have permission to use the Caller ID name and number.
    1. Caller ID name cannot misrepresent the campaign. It must be a name that could be represented by who answered that phone on a return call. 
    2. Using a dedicated google voice number that sends to campaign employee with "SamforCongress" as the Caller ID name would be an acceptable use.
    3. Using "Community Voting" as the Caller ID name would not be acceptable.

Timezone of list

Indicate the timezone of the phone numbers on the list. Our system will sort the phone numbers by area code into timezones and each timezone will close at 9pm local time. This will be the dial timezone within the regular allowable calling window of 10am - 9pm local. (subject to current Operating Hours)


Atlantic - End at 8pm ET

Eastern - End at 9pm ET

Central - End at 10pm ET

Mountain - End at 11pm ET

Pacific - End at 11:30pm ET

National List - See here for all details

National List Rules: 

  • The list will be scheduled to start at 11am ET and end at 11:30pm ET. 
  • Need Zip Codes to call outside 12pm-9pm ET. 
  • To call a list with phone numbers located across all timezones using the National List timezone option, 5 digit zip codes are required. 

Upload your list

All lists must be submitted in .csv format. Simply changing the extension on a file name might corrupt your data instead be sure to use the "Save as" or "export as" options to save your file as a Commas Separated Values (.csv) file

  • If using Excel, go to File > Save As > File format: Comma Separated Values (.csv)
  • If using Google Sheets, go to File > Download As > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) 
  • If using Numbers, go to File > Export To > CSV

Indicate Unique ID

In order to track calls and attempts for legal compliance, each person in your calling file needs some sort of unique ID (VAN ID, State voter file ID, MyCampaign ID, MyMember ID, Nationbuilder ID, or so on). If you do not have an ID column in the file, the system will be unable to load your list.

If syncing to VAN we must update your reporting options if switching from MyVoters to MyCampaign/MyMembers or vice versa.

Map your data columns

Select the types of data you have in your file.

There are three kinds of data to map:

  1. Required Fields
  2. Standard Fields (optional)
  3. Custom Fields (optional)

NOTE: Columns need to be selected in the order that they appear in your list. If there is lots of extra unneeded information in your list such as full voting history, it is helpful to delete these from your file before uploading. 

Required Fields:

These are the 4 fields that you are required to include in any Calling List:

  • First Name - You'll need this so you know how to address the person that is being called
  • Last Name - Same as first name
  • Phone Number - you'll need this so you can actually call them
  • Unique Identifier - this identifier will let you track who you called. (i.e. VAN ID or Action Kit ID)

If you are missing any of these columns we will not be able to load them into the system for you to make calls.

Important Notes on Phone Number:

  • We can only load one column for the phone number. 
  • The preferred number is recommended to use for VAN systems.
  • Our validation system will be able to differentiate between landline and VOIP numbers and mobile numbers, so you don't have to split them up. We will handle that part for you.

Standard Fields (optional)

Our standard field options cover the most common fields we see in calling lists beyond the required fields described above. These standard field options available for your lists are:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Party
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Zip
  • Polling Location
  • Polling Info
  • Polling Address
  • Early Voting Location
  • Early Voting Info
  • Early Voting Address

Important Notes on Standard Fields:

  • Age, Gender, Party, and Full Address will be shown in the top left window for callers by default. If you do not have loaded data, those fields will be blank, but the header will still exist.
  • Polling and Early voting location are not included in the top left window for callers. You should display this information to callers directly in the script.

Custom Fields (optional):

In addition to the standard fields, custom fields can be included for any information that is beyond what the required and standard fields include (ie. email addresses, past voting history, past donations). These custom fields can be used in your scripts to better target your message to your contacts and for variable script contentCheck here for custom field character limits.

When adding a custom field, you must enter further information below the mapping box:

  • a name for the “Column Header” as it appears in the header of your list file so we can confirm we are mapping the correct column

Example Mapping

In the example below, there are 11 columns that need to be mapped: the four required fields, six standard fields, and one custom field. Because Email is not listed as a standard field, a custom field was selected. 

Example list: 

Example CSV List

Example of a mapped custom fields based on list example above:

Tip: Always keep a copy of the original .CSV file that you upload into your admin panel just in case you need to reference later. The name of the file that was loaded is located in your email confirmation. 


  • Lists can only be reloaded daily for 30 days. After 30 days you need to send in a new list.
  • For this reason, lists sent over 50k on an account that does not regularly make that many calls monthly will only have a partial list uploaded. 
  • We recommend loading 300 numbers per caller per hour of calling time so you have enough numbers to make it through a calling session.
  • We recommend you only load up enough calls for the next week at most so that your lists are as fresh as possible.
  • We cannot load less than 50 numbers. 

List processing steps

Once you have submitted the list, you'll receive a confirmation email that we have received the list and ThruTalk staff will begin processing it. 

1. Received

2. Updated

3. Closed

Example of the list received notification:

Once ThruTalk staff has finished processing the list, you'll receive a confirmation email that the list upload request is completed. For a replace list - once the list has been processed, you can view the totals on the calling list dashboard

Example of list upload request completed.

First you'll receive that the ticket was updated. 

Second, you'll receive that the ticket was closed. 

All requests and tickets can have their status viewed using this guide: Check Ticket Status