Add Admin securely requests an email address receive access to the admin panel for your calling service(s).

NOTE: Adding an admin to one calling service will give that email's owner access to all calling services for the selected account. This example shows an account with multiple calling services:


Enter the email address of the person you want to add. All email addresses needing access to ThruTalk admin system must be Gmail or google-suite based accounts. The system is case sensitive, so if the address has capital letters the request must correctly reflect the proper capitalization. Enter the email again to confirm. 


Click "Add to Admin" to submit the request. This request will be completed within 5 minutes. The requester and new admin will receive an email to confirm it has been completed and some tips to get started. 

NOTE: If the new admin is having issues with access or is given a "no accounts" message, refer to the "Cannot Access Admin" troubleshooting guide.