Schedule a Non-Peak Hours Phone Bank is where you can request a phone bank outside of these hours so we can line up clickers, managers, and support staff to be on shift for your calling.


Check Operating Hours before scheduling a non-peak hours phone bank to make sure the dialer is not going to be open already. If your time needed is not in the open hours, continue below. 

1. Select the Timezone you are in

2. Enter Date and Time of your phone bank

  • Options to select a date and time will appear. Select the start time of the phone bank in the timezone you choose.

3. Enter Length (in hours)

4. Confirm Understanding of off-hours minimum dials charge.

5. Click "Schedule it" - You will receive an email to confirm the request has been received.

Note: A request cannot have a break between when we regularly open or close and the requested time/duration. 

Clients can request the Dialer be open outside of Operating Hours. We ask that you make those requests at least 48 hours in advance. 

There is a required minimum of 1,500 dials per hour for off-peak hour calling.

If you expect to call less than 1,500 numbers per hour, we ask that you make your calling plans during Peak Hours. To achieve that rate of productivity, you will need a minimum of five callers.

If a client requests the Dialer to be open during Operating Hours and does not make 1,500 calls per hour, we will reserve the option to bill that time at our default rate of $0.055 per dial applied up to the 1,500 numbers per hour minimum. This would result in a charge of $82.50 per hour if no calls were produced by the requesting client’s team.

24 hours notice is required notice to cancel without a fee. Once you have requested to schedule a phone bank, we immediately begin working on staff to work your requested times. There are 3 people required on staff to run the dialer. For cancellations, we need at least 24 hours notice to change schedules. For this reason, it is best to only request once it is 100% certainly happening.