To make calls with ThruTalk you will need:

  1. An internet connection - Accessed via desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  2. An audio connection - phone, either landline or cell, or computer audio
  3. A web browser - Chrome or Firefox

Your Internet Connection

The Basics

Your internet connection is the first of the three tools you need. Can you load a streaming video and it plays well? If so, great, you should have no trouble connecting! Make sure to close out all your browser windows and tabs except for the login to ThruTalk.

What to Watch for

During your calls, if your internet becomes unstable you may see these issues:

  • You are unable to make any selection on the left side of the screen.
  • After making a selection on the left side of the screen, you do not receive a new call.
  • Your script moves as it should from question to question for some calls but then stops during others.

If you experience these issues or others, use this helpful guide to identify and resolve any connection issues.

Your Audio Connection

The Basics

Your audio connection is the second tool you need. You can connect by using a phone (either landline or cell) or by using your computer.

Call Using a Phone

If you are using a phone to establish an audio connection, you simply need to uncheck the, "Call using computer" option when signing in. Once you log in, a phone number and pin will be provided to finish signing in.

What to watch for using a phone

If you are experiencing a weak phone connection, you may notice these issues:

  • Multiple attempts to enter your PIN are unrecognized by the system when you dial in.
  • After making a few calls you suddenly find yourself looking at the login screen again.
  • You are having a hard time hearing the people you call, or they cannot hear you.

Handling an issue when calling using a phone

If you think you are having trouble with your phone connection based on the likely issues noted above, work through these solutions:

  • Be sure that "Make Calls over Wifi" or "Wifi Calling" is disabled on all phones.
  • Reboot your phone; the signal often improves.
  • Try a headset with a microphone. The audio will be louder and your voice clearer.
  • Move around your location to see where your signal is strongest and move to that spot.
  • Contact your phone provider to determine if there are known issues in your area.

If these solutions did not work, more detailed troubleshooting can be found in these guides:

Call Using a Computer

If you are calling in using a computer, all information can be found in this guide.

Your Web Browser

The Basics

Your browser is the third tool you need. We suggest using Chrome as your browser for making calls in all instances. Firefox also performs well with the dialer system. Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer are not supported.

Turn off your ad-blocker and go full screen to ensure you are seeing everything correctly on screen.

What to watch for

If you are experiencing trouble with your browser, you may notice some of the following performance issues:

  • There are gaps in the text you see in the script.
  • New portions of the script do not appear after choosing an answer to a question.
  • Nothing appears on your screen after you enter your login information.
  • Parts of your screen may be missing such as target details, call results, or the script.

Handling an issue

Based on the above issues if you think you are having problems with your browser, apply these solutions:

  • Disable all add-ons or extensions, especially ones that handle ad-blocking.
  • Confirm you are in full-screen mode so nothing is hidden or pushed out of the main window.
  • Check for a new version of your browser, or upgrade to Chrome if you are not using Chrome.
  • Clear the cache and cookies by clearing browsing history.
  • If you are using a tablet, we recommend using Chrome and selecting the "Request Desktop Site" option. 
    • Click on the "Dot Dot Dot" menu option and In the new menu box that opens, slide down to find the option to prefer "Desktop Site." 

Once you've ensured you have all the tools ready to make calls, you are ready to log in!