Before turning making calls with your VAN sync turned on, schedule a 15-minute meeting with an experienced GetThru staffer to give a quick overview of your script, your settings, and to give a couple of quick pointers to get the most accurate and best experience with the sync.

Turning on VAN sync without script review or VAN Sync Check-In meeting can lead to data that does not sync properly. Once you are ready to turn on your VAN sync, have ThruTalk staff check it out to be sure you are 100% ready to go.

Steps to get your script sync set up:

  1. Add the Default Starting Question template
  2. Add Canvass Results to your script
  3. Map your question answers
  4. Set up your ending panels
  5. Schedule a 15-minute meeting with an experienced GetThru staffer to give a quick overview of your script


The "Default Starting Question" answers, other than "Talking to Correct Person" are already pre-set to sync with your VAN canvass results with no further setup required. For more details see VAN Sync Results - The Details

When setting up a question in your script, add your answers, and then select a Survey Question from the search box or an Activist Code from the Van Activist Code search box. Just start typing in the boxes to filter your options. See this guide for more info. 

Example: Selecting a survey question and answer

Save your question and your script and that's it! Your VAN sync is now successfully set up and live!

NOTE: Your Canvass Results, Survey Questions, and Activist Codes will be synced back to your VAN overnight and an email will go out with a report on the sync including totals, caller details, and any free response answers or contact widget usage details. To check who receives the nightly email, check your reporting settings page. 

Set up your ending panels to direct your callers to the correct call results. See FAQ: Script Results vs. Call Results for more details. Use the template "Ending HTML Box". 

Examples of ending for the 3 call results. 

No Contact:

Remove Number:

Talked to Correct Person: