We have multiple ways to move your data back into your database, depending on your database and your priorities (mainly staff time vs. cost).

There are three ways to receive reporting:

  1. Basic CSV Lists
  2. Full Data Sync
  3. VAN Hybrid Sync

Basic CSV Lists 

The most simple syncing strategy.  We send you CSV files each night with results. You send us new lists on demand when you want them run.

This is the most simple Reporting Option to set up. It does require more of your staff time to load the lists and to pull down and send new lists when needed.

Full Data Sync 

We upload all your results to your database through the backend of your software each night.  You only need to send over new lists when needed.  

This option requires the least staff time, although it is dependent on your database:

  • VAN (votebuilder, america votes, and targetsmart versions) can have full sync but have hidden charges from VAN itself (more details below
  • PDI does not allow any outside syncing so this is unavailable as an option
  • Other systems can be set up on a case by case basis. Write us at support@getthru.io to check in on the timeline for other systems.

VAN Hybrid Sync 

We upload your canvasses and "wrong number" results each night, but send your not home and answering machine results to you via CSV each night for manual load.

Important Note: The VAN API allows you to sync 1000 results for free each day. Each result synced via the api over 1000 is 1 cent. In Hybrid Strategy, results you need to know for reporting and other lists are synced automatically while non connected and not home calls (80-90% on average) are uploaded when needed for tracking.  This Hybrid Sync option offers the benefits of syncing for votebuilder and targetsmart users while keeping costs as low as possible within their pricing model. 


  • 5000 dials w/500  contacts/Wrong Numbers = $0 api charge hybrid / $40 api charge full
  • 15000 dials w/1500 contacts/Wrong Numbers = $5 api charge hybrid / $140 api charge full

Update your current option on your admin panel: Change Reporting Type