Tips and things to remember:

  • Create your own training guides (documents and videos) so your callers are best prepared for your priorities and goals.  With your own specialized training program, your callers will not get confused by differences in generic training and your needs. This will help to brand your calling program as well.  For ideas to get you started, see our generic training video guides and our caller best practices sheet

  • Embed the login tool (which is the dialer access) on your website so you cut down on steps, and retain more volunteers. Each click a volunteer has to make between deciding to make calls and actually making calls will lose some percentage of volunteers; some may get confused, while some will object to the number of steps they need to take. Get the link to embed your login tool on your admin panel.

  • Use LIVE CHAT if you have issues so you get a faster response during hours of operation.

  • Although lists do reload each morning inside our system, we recommend you only load up enough calls for the next week at most so that your lists are as fresh as possible.  Newer lists means you will have removed numbers that were canvassed already, marked disconnected/wrong number, or marked refused from another channel (i.e. texting or door knocks) or from another database user (if you are using VAN). 

  • We recommend loading 300 numbers per caller per hour of calling time so you have enough numbers to make it through a calling session.

  • Make sure your organizers understand their own best practices and caller best practices are included in your training materials and in-person training sessions.