Hi Relayers,

With 26 days until Election Day 2018, we’ve got lots of news and little time for pithy intros. So let’s get to it!  

We are thrilled to announce a new integration with PDI (aka Political Data Inc.). PDI users who are also Relay clients can now export lists from PDI into Relay and move data collected in Relay back into PDI. Read more about how to get the integration setup in this support article

For those of you thinking about GOTV texting, here are our recommendations grounded in a review of the most recent research. TL:DR - Keep it short. Include polling location. Don't ask questions. 

If you are doing multiple passes through a texting list, we highly recommend using follow-up messages. They are easier than launching a new campaign and they come from the same sending phone number, which is a better experience for recipients. But what if the original message senders are not available to send the follow-up? Fear not -- our recently enhanced reassign features have you covered. Assigning follow-ups to new senders is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Step 1 -- “Unassign All” messages
  • Step 2 -- Add new senders to the campaign and delete the old senders
  • Step 3 -- “Reassign All” messages from the Unassigned section and select “Distribute to All Users” -- and your new senders will get the follow-ups to send out.

A quick reminder: if someone on your team should receive these emails but isn't on the list, they can sign up here.


  • Usage Counter -- By popular demand, we’ve added a usage counter in your admin toolset with your total outgoing messages and active contacts broken down by month. An active contact is a contact that is in a campaign that is active, paused, or was archived in the current calendar month. More here.
  • Single Conversation Reassign -- As a followup to our recent reassignment update, we've released an additional feature that will let you reassign a single conversation in the admin console. More here.
  • Campaign Launch Update -- An improved error message has been implemented for cases where an admin is attempting to launch a campaign over the maximum contact size.
  • API Update -- Recently we streamlined the process of requesting a country ID for groups, users, campaigns, and accounts. Going forward the API will accept the 2-letter ISO code for a country.
  • Message Sender Update -- We've added a feature to help eliminate double sent texts if a user leaves their window open and inactive for a period of time. If a message sender tries to send a text after a campaign has been paused they will see the message below. If a message sender tries to send a text after the conversation has been reassigned to another sender, it will no longer send the message unless that sender is an admin or moderator role.


  • Connection/Disconnection Error Bar --  A "disconnected" message will show periodically if the platform is disconnected from the internet and it is attempting to reconnect. Once it has reconnected, a green “connected” message will show.



  • Campaigns can again do advanced targeting by survey results on previous campaigns.
  • Recommended replies in the admin console are properly populating the message composer text box rather than producing an error.
  • We fixed a bug where an unnecessary error message was showing when opting a contact out from the admin console.
  • Users can now edit their first or last name in their profile to those that are 1 and 2 characters long.
  • We fixed a bug from the last release where new users invited to text for multiple Relay organizations before creating their user account were getting caught in a loop of new invites after registering their account for the first time. We will now check for other existing invitations when the user registers & add them to their accounts page for easy 1-stop acceptance, just like when an invite is sent to an existing user.

As always, please send any questions or comments, preferences or props to support@relaytxt.io. And for those working on the U.S. midterm elections, thank you for everything you are doing to reclaim our country! 

- Daniel, for Team Relay

PS: Many of you may be familiar with the saga of Colin Kaepernick, a successful NFL quarterback who can’t get a job because of his protests against police brutality. While Kaepernick sits on the sidelines and sues the NFL for collusion, his former teammate Eric Reid is one of the few players still kneeling for the anthem, risking his livelihood and personal safety. That takes real courage, and we salute him.