We've updated our groups landing page to make navigating your groups easier than ever.

  • A new, faster sort/search feature that lets you find things quickly with the click of a button or a quick keyword search.
  • We added the upload date to the group index
  • Sort by name or upload date using the header row.
  • Enter text in the filter box to limit results.
  • We've added paging to your groups. You'll now see 50 per page so you don't have to scroll through every single one to find what you're looking for.
  • A new larger, font that makes reading your group names easier.

We updated our group creation wizard to improve the user experience, reduce scrolling, and prevent the most common group creation challenges.

Step 1: Enter your group name and validate the country.

Step 2: Upload your CSV. We added a drag and drop while retaining the browse to CSV and external contact list methods:

Step 3: Map your required fields from headers in your CSV to first name, last name, and phone number:

Step 4: Choose any CSV headers mapping to your existing Relay custom fields. The CSV values will be chosen via drop-down:

Step 5: Review your group's name, size, and mappings-- then create your group!

*See our user guide on Uploading a Group for full step by step directions.

Bug Fix: We also resolved a bug that was restricting the deletion of some draft campaigns.